Football Tracksuit Juventus 2017/2018 Blue

Today, we present you a new tracksuit of football, in our shop, there is a lot of tracksuit of football and the jersey of foot of the club and the national team. the new season’s football kits, new local and world competitions and the Foot Tracksuits of yesteryear. We offer all football teams what you need. Excellent quality and good price. Hoping that you can be satisfied, we welcome your comments and suggestions. Thank you very much! We wish you to shop with a good mood. Go for it!

Here is the new football tracksuit Juventus 2017/2018. This cheap football tracksuit and good quality, this Juventus tracksuit is composed of a training top and a training pants. Color is all blue. This training top with the round collar, folding mitten with thumb grip, design with three bands on both sleeves. adizero fabric acting as a second skin for airy comfort while lightness. Fabric equipped with Climacool technology for optimal regulation of perspiration, mesh construction for optimal ventilation, adizero fabric ensuring lightness, comfort and ventilation. workout pants with elastic waist. three-band design on both sides of the pants. the badge of the club Juventus on the left chest and the right thigh.

So, we are talking about the latest information from the Juventus club, Although this season in the league far unbeaten, but Surrey for the first time could not believe that his Naples actually won the opponents in the territory of Juventus, and is still the key node in the title: “This is not a perfect game, but it’s a high-quality game, because come to Juventus at home, so they can only passively counter-attack , is a difficult task for all teams. This is particularly nice for people, but we must also have a sense of self, the joy is that we are happy for this game. There is not much change in other things. ”

Speaking of the game itself, the Naples coach said he did not add anything special to the players: “I did not tell them anything, I just said a few words in the dead ball, the win is a question of course. You want to make some changes, but Juventus has put too much pressure on the midfield, we can only dispel the idea of ​​making stories in the midfield. ”

When talking about the fight for the league title, Surrey is not too optimistic: “Now, I’m very happy that our fans are as good as our team.Naples is the team of the people, not only belongs to a city, that makes me We are very happy and Juventus is still in the lead, nothing has changed, they still have almost everything, what we can do is to think about the next game and not to float, Juventus is still very strong. “

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